PACS Training

To assist you with training on our PACS system, we have included serveral  resources for you to review. Below you will see links that will take you to two videos as well as workflow diagrams and a quick reference guide.  These guides can also be used for troubleshooting once you go-live. If you have questions after reviewing the information, you can call us or click here to contact us.

If you have an HL-7 interface for orders, use this card as a quick reference guide.  If you are with a clinic or we do not receive order messages from your facility, you should use the non-integrated workflow card.

Integrated Workflow Card

All facilities that we do not receive order messages from your electronic health record, hospital information system, or radiology information system are classified as non-integrated. This will be all medical clinics and even some hospitals at this time.  If Premier Radiology does not receive order messages from your facility, this will be the card you will use.

Non-Integrated Workflow Card

Each video is about two hours long and  provides in-depth training on the PACS. Please review both videos prior to your go-live date.

Session 1

Session 2

  • These sessions cover the same material and will have only minimal differences between them.

Providers are encouraged to use the Lite version as the added features will not be needed. With this version, providers can view studies and reports.

Lite Version Training